Kale and Chorizo Hash

Kale and Chorizo hash is one of the first dishes that got me interested in hash as a culinary technique.

For me, there are two kinds of hash; unplanned and pre-planned. The unplanned dishes are the ones you throw together based on what’s left in the fridge, perhaps buying bits and pieces to make the meal complete. The planned hash dishes are the ones that were made to go together, and this, like our lovely sweet potato and chorizo recipe, is one of them.

The best thing about this dish is that the ingredients seem to melt into each other. The onions and chorizo almost caramelise whilst the kale melts into the rest of the ingredients when added at the end.


From the fridge: Chorizo, Kale, Tomatoes, Eggs.

From the cupboard:  Potatoes, Onions, Nuts.

Could add: Peppers, Sausage, Chicken.


Chop the potato and onion into bite size pieces and throw into a frying pan.

As they cook through chop up the chorizo and tomatoes, draining them of watery liquid.

When the potatoes feel soft throw the chorizo and tomatoes in and then layer kale on top and allow to gradually wilt.

Serve with a poached egg and sprinkle of nuts.


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